Christopher James founded 'Haus of  Sav-ill Row, Mayfair'  with the mission of creating designer level handcrafted garments & goods made in London, England.

Most importantly, he knew it needed to be bold- it needed stand out from the crowd. Because each of us was born to stand out, yet many designers seem to create inside a box.

Christopher excelled in the field of creativity from a young age-beginning with writing creative short stories at the age of five, to branching out toward design and photography by the age of ten. All of his knowledge and eperience in design, writing, photogrpahy and more come from self-teaching.

This was partly due to Christopher being born with Idiopathic Infantile Scoliosis at the age of one (a version of Scoliosis that is so rare it affects less than 1% of all Scoliosis cases worldwide), making not all, but manyphysical activities more difficult for him, and could eventually affect his motor skills.

The years spent going to doctors and wearing back-braces were made more bearable by immersing himself in the creative world. 

This outlook ultimately lead to Christopher travelling Europe solo when he turned nineteen.

He had no plans on slowing down until he absolutely had to.

During his time in Europe, he found the inspiration to write his first of four novels.

His first stop was in London, England- where he would later come to live and work for some time only two years later.

He was chasing adventure, and knowledge from the best teacher- the world itself. He also knew that his neurodivergence made it harder to learn from traditional settings; so, he opted to learn from living, and doing.

Christopher is also a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, a family which has inspired a lot of his work over the years.

That is why many of our Haus of Savill are inspired by the ballroom scene, and a little bit of OG rock n' roll meets new.


For a more in depth biography, visit Christophers Portfolio website below.


Christopher writes a weekly blog titled "These Little Words," where he takes you on a journey through his childhood growing up with Scoliosis, to his adventures, and misadventures over the years- while also diving deep in to issues like mental health, addition, and domestic violence.

New posts are released every Saturday.