At Haus of Sav-ill Row Mayfair, we pride ourelves in crafting stunning, savage, and luxurious garments & goods that elevate your style to new heights.

From t-shirts and sweaters, to our elite Leather Bags, Accessores, and our Velvet bombers, we've got your style upgrade covered.

The concept; by our owner and designer Christopher James, was inspired by his love for London, UK- where he lived for a while in his 20's as a young adult working in hospitality. 

Savile Row in London is renowned for their luxury tailors and bespoke goods. At Haus of Sav-ill Row, pay homage to the clasc styles of old, and an eclectic infusion of new.

With bold patterns and colour pallets, our pieces are always on point.

All of our track jackets, track bottoms, leather goods, bomber jackets & home decor pieces are handcrafted in London, England.


Haus of Savill operates as a small business.

We see that as a positive thing; because, it allows us to be better connected you. And while our plans are to expand our line in the future, we will always focus on bringing you unique and bold goods- made sustainably.


At Sav-ill Row, we do believe it matters who you're wearing.

That is why our Haus of Sav-ill track jackets, bottoms, leather goods, and bomber jackets & home decor pieces are handcrafted in London, England by our expert leather crafters, tailors & cutters.


We know you need the latest & best fashion has to offer. That is why we work with current and forecasted colour trends, brought to you by Pantone.


We believe it does matter what you're wearing.

That is why we employ expert leather crafters, cutters, and tailors to create all of our garments & goods.

No sweat shops. Just basic human rights; because, there's nothing more important than doing good.

Sweaters, t-shirts & other items not crafted in the UK are crafted in countries where workers are valued, and compensated a fair wage for their work.


Our garments & goods are made exclusively of the best materials.

From 100% Nappa Leather, to silk, velvet, cottom & more.

That means your new look won't turn to dust in a year; unlike some other brands.

After all, it's far more friendly & sophisticated to have a few high-quality items you love and feel great in, than one hundred items all made of the same rubbish.



We only start making your item(s) once you have placed your order. We hold no stock, nor do we produce products beyond need. This means that nothing needs to be burned to keep our brand value.


We keep our shipping costs and carbon emissions low as everything is made in one facility.

Your product is made under one roof and sent directly to you.


We use very little water in our manufacturing process and work with the water board to ensure ink waste is disposed of properly so nothing leaks into the environment.


We’ve reduced our fabric waste output by offering the fabric remnants free to crafters and DIY-ers who wanted a creative challenge.

The offcuts then get repurposed and some of the results have been amazing.


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